Who we are

How it started

Founded in 2015 in Sydney, Australia, The Eridu Project was started to find better ways for us to live. It's a mission to make humanity sustainable.



By 2050, urban populations are projected to double. Providing housing and basic services to another 3 billion people in the developing world will likely exhaust overstretched urban infrastructure around the globe. The city is the answer but we need a new type of city; a new model for human habitation. We need a cost-effective, flexible, scalable way of building cities - cities that are sustainable, clean and beautiful. The Eridu Project is a mission to build those cities.

Life begins with water

Our first step is to create a model for sustainable, abundant, secure food production using minimal resources. Global warming is resulting in more and more extreme weather patterns, devastating agricultural production at a time when food security is becoming critical. Managing and controlling our water resources better is our first key goal.


Future Directions

Key outcomes of our water project will be finding resource and energy efficient methods for spreading our technology around the world, providing cost-effective, safe, sustainable desalination techniques to as many people as possible. Our next major development project will be rethinking agriculture itself, looking for super-efficient new farming methods, blending permaculture and wildscaping to create transplantable methods and crops for growing indigenous food orchards. Rethinking these fundamental components to human habitation will provide a solid base for developing scalable, truly sustainable urban environments.